The Process Overview

  1. Buyer
    • A Buyer submits a Trade offer by clicking on “Trade Offer” on the Listing page
    • The Buyer selects the Item the buyer is offering from the dropdown list of their items the Buyer has listed
    • The Buyer may choose to add Cash to the deal or request the Seller add cash to the deal
    • The Buyer Submits the Trade Offer
  2. Seller
    • The Seller Receives notice of the Trade Offer in the Inbox
    • The Seller may Accept, Reject or Counter the trade Offer
      • Accepts Trade Offer
        1. Trade Offer is Accepted and the Common Process is followed
      • Rejects Trade Offer
        1. Transaction ends, Buyer receives Rejected message
      • 48 hours pass without any actions
        1. Transaction ends, Buyer receives message
      • Counter Trade Offer
        1. Process starts over with Step 1 above and the Seller is now the Buyer making the request
  3. Trade Offer is Accepted
  4. The Buyer pays the Trading Fees and any Payment Processing Fees is cash is added for the item through Stripe Payment Services
  5. Once Payment processing pending notices are sent, each Party has 3 days to ship
  6. The Buyer and Seller ships the item and updates ToneFind site with Shipping Tracking information
  7. Once Tracking Information is added, the payment is released
  8. The Buyer and Seller receives shipment of item
  9. Once the Buyer and Seller inspects item and provides Buyer Feedback, the transaction is marked as Completed
    • The Buyer and Seller has 14 days from the time a Shipping Tracking number is updated to notify one another to correct any discrepancies and contact ToneFind of any disputes. If no Feedback is submitted after 14 days, the transaction is marked as Completed.
    • NOTE: All transactions are subject to the Sellers Shipping and Return Policy posted on the Item Listing

Paying for purchase

Once a deal or offer is accepted, you agree that you are required to make the purchase. You have 72 hours to pay for your purchase.
If more time is needed, you must get approval from the Buyer/Seller in writing in the form of a ToneFind Inbox message.
If the Buyer does not complete payment, the Buyer’s Account may be suspended or terminated.


Shipping is subject to the Sellers Shipping and Return Policy. Be sure to read and ask any questions of the Seller prior to making a purchase or Trade.
The Seller has 3 business days to supply a shipping tracking number. If you do not receive a tracking number within 3 days and the Seller is unresponsive, contact ToneFind Support.

Item damaged or arrives not as described

  • Gather documentation (e.g. photos, video) of any issues once they are encountered and message the seller on ToneFind with that information
  • If the item arrived damaged, hold on to any packaging materials and the box it arrived in
  • Do not attempt to make any further modifications
  • Request a refund from Seller
  • Allow the seller 24-48 hours to respond to this request
  • Once approved, ship the item back to the seller (unless a partial refund or other arrangements were discussed)
  • Once the item is back in the seller’s possession, your refund should be initiated in 48 hours

If the seller remains unresponsive to your messages and refund requests after 48 hours, you can open up a support ticket with ToneFind.


Returns are subject to the Sellers Shipping and Return Policy. Be sure to read and ask any questions of the Seller prior to making a purchase or Trade.


ToneFind has 2 categories of Feedback; Buyer Feedback and Seller Feedback. Upon transaction completion, as you are the Buyer, it is encouraged to provide the Seller feedback to the Seller.
Once a Buyer supplies Buyer Feedback, the transaction is considered accepted and finished. Any disputes should be resolved prior to supplying feedback.