About ToneFind

ToneFind is a platform designed to allow a simple, cost effective and as safe as possible way for users to Buy, Sell and Trade music gear. It is built by lifelong musicians who love gear as much as you do and always enjoys a good New Gear Day.

Our Story

ToneFind was founded by Brent McDaniel in 2020. As a lover of music gear and that great feeling when a New Gear Day comes and the countless hours of enjoyment it brings to play music, Brent was tired of high fees, not having clear return policies and generally feeling uncertainty when buying and selling gear.

Brent McDaniel has been active in many music gear message boards for many years and has traded gear for years. Trading is a great way to get the gear you want by offering up the gear you don’t want (that someone else wants) and saving money. The existing market platforms discouraged and prevented people from freely trading gear to one another. This made no sense. Brent wanted to create a place that encouraged and facilitates Trading.

Technology should make our lives easier and more enjoyable, reduce costs over time and bring people together. That is the ToneFind goal.

Find Your Gear, Find Your Tone.